The cardboard gift box made by Mingyi is a box-type packaging product with a high standard and is mainly used as a packaging item for luxury goods. Most luxury brands have been using our gift boxes to highlight the high-end value of their branded products. Mingyi is an industry-leading cardboard gift box manufacturer. We spent 10 years analyzing and improving the production process of cardboard gift boxes and have successfully solved most of its production problems such as cracking problems and mold specification problems and quality problems. This product is lightweight so it is easy to handle. It has excellent packaging properties and can effectively protect fragile products from damage. It can avoid or reduce customer's product damage during transportation, thus reducing breakage rate.

The product is very convenient for packing and sealing, and it is not easy to fall apart with its sturdy structure after the product is loaded. It has the advantages of small size and convenient use. Its biggest advantage is its fast packaging and sealing. We ensure the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the product and food-grade hygiene with our strict quality inspection system. Moreover, it can achieve a dust-proof effect and is perfectly designed to express the characteristics of the packaged product and attract the attention of the consumer, stimulating consumers' desire to purchase.

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