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BSCI (commercial Social standards certification), which full name is Business Social Compliance Initiative, is an international organization which requires the corporations to comply with Social responsibility Initiative (" BSCI ") to implement a set of uniform procedures, through continuous improvement of development policies, to monitor and promote the Social responsibility performance of companies producing related products. The BSCI organization includes retailers, brand companies and traders, among which 10 members are from Europe and Canada, 18 members are from the Netherlands, such as HEMA, Bijenkorf, V&D, claudius and auml; Ter, M&S, Hunkemö Ller, WE, Wehkamp, etc.

Mingyi always believe that social Responsibility is an important part to the success. Thus Mingyi keep comply with the code of conduct required by BSCI, including prohibition of discrimination, overtime work should be voluntary, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor and etc.

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