Mingyi is an industry-leading manufacturer of stationery and children's books. We have a wealth of experience in the production and printing of notebooks, scrapbooks, photo albums and children's books. Our notebooks are made of high-standard writing paper to help customers write more smoothly. The product's light yellow inner page is soft and not glaring to protect the customer's eyesight. Moreover, we are able to produce and provide waterproof and shatterproof scrapbooks, photo albums and children's books for our customers and provide customers with a one-stop service for printing these products.

Our notebook is characterized by high strength, strong flexibility and good ink adsorption performance. The product is made of special materials and is subject to an advanced stamping process. Therefore, it is both luxurious and comfortable to touch. The printed product has the advantages of high printing precision, thick ink layer, fine color and smooth lines. It has no bleaching and contains no fluorescent agent, and it has uniform fiber texture and is smooth and easy to write. Even if the paper is erased by an eraser, it does not fluff. We use high-fidelity printing technology to produce this product, making it rich in color and delicate in layers. The product has also undergone a rigorous surface treatment process. Its surface is varnished to prevent scratching, increasing printing gloss.

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