Before I discuss the several uses of a cardboard box

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-06

According to an online encyclopedia cardboard boxes are defined as industrially prefabricated boxes primarily used for packaging goods. Although industry specialists seldom use the term as it is generic, it is quite easy to distinguish. The term generally depends on the construction, but specialists (material producers, packaging engineers and standards organizations) try to use more specific terminologies. In addition broad divisions of paper-based packaging materials are:

1.) Paperboard - Sometimes known as cardboard, is generally over 0.25 millimeters or 10 points thicker than paper. According to the ISO 216 standards, it is a paper with a basis weight (grammage) above 224g/m2. It can be single or multi-ply. Paperboard can easily be cut and formed. It is lightweight, and because it is strong, it is very excellent to be used as a packaging. They are used in milk and cereal cartons, cigarette packs and so on. They are used quite immensely in food industries which consider these boxes safe and hygienic for edible food products.

2.) Corrugated fiberboard - Sometimes known as corrugated board or corrugated cardboard. It is a combined paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated medium and one or two flat linerboards. Such corrugated packaging is used in packing electronics appliances, home appliances, household stuff, etc. Because they are manufactured in different sizes, they are used in packing most of the products you can find in the market.

Cardboard boxes that vary from small to big and thin to hefty can be seen all over the market from commercial and retail shops to recycling shops. People never run out of ideas for its use, that is of course aside from its two primary uses for storage and shipping. Moreover, these paper-based materials can be recycled for construction such as science experiments, children's toys, costumes, insulative lining, arts and crafts, gift wrapping, and matting.

And so here are some other functional uses of cardboard boxes (in random order):

1. Garage floor covering for oil spills

2. For gift-wrapping

3. Make-shift dust pans for large floor junk in the garage

4. Storm window coverings

5. Coloring material for kids

6. Backing for paper note pads

7. Stencil pattern for fabrics

8. Garage trash holders

9. Storage for books, clothes, and other old, unused items inside the houses.

10. Sheet pads when storing china and porcelain wares

11. Matting for gardening and fixing the under chassis of cars.

12. Alternative for fans

13. Alternative for computer mouse pad

14. Kids' make-shift play houses

15. Playhouses for cats

16. Can be used as a compost pile or a worm bed (when boards are torn down into smaller pieces)

17. Can also serve as a placard during rallies

18. Dioramas

19. Can be used to heat up fireplaces or bon fires

20. Can be used for presentations.

A cardboard box is a genius product with so many functions. Having them is essential inside homes and offices. The key is to keep it folded for easy keeping at the back or inside of a cabinet.

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