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A solution to the problem of space and the carriage of items such as bikes is to fit some of the many roof box accessories that are now available on the market. These include roof boxes for carrying a range of clothing and other objects. Roof and tow bar mounted bike carriers, through to Ski and Kayak carriers. All of these roof accessories are designed to be mounted onto the vehicles roof bars, except the tow bar mounted bike carrier. The roof bars provide a stable and secure platform to secure your items on to.

Fitting a roof box to the roof bars is a straight forward operation and provides substantial extra storage space for a full range of items from clothing through to sports equipment and games. The roof boxes fall into two categories, either a soft or a hard design. The roof boxes with a soft design are made of a waterproof fabric. The soft design roof boxes have the advantage that they are both light and take up very little storage space when not fitted to the car. Available in a variety of load capacities the soft roof boxes are ideal for people with smaller cars or limited storage space.

The hard, or rigid roof boxes, are probably used more common place. Made of a lightweight plastic or fibreglass, the rigid roof box has the advantage that they are more robust and offer better security for your goods against theft whilst on the vehicle. The rigid boxes feature load capacities from 280 litres up to 480 litres dependant on the model selected. All feature lockable, hinged tops that keep your goods safe and secure during transit. Offering better weatherproofing than the soft box, the rigid boxes do not feature the flexibility of the soft boxes when it comes to getting every last item into them.

So the choice is yours. The roof box makes an ideal solution for providing extra storage space for transporting the extra equipment you will need when taking a holiday in the UK. The rigid boxes offer better weather resistance but take up more storage space when not in use and do not offer the same flexibility when packing items in. The soft boxes provide less weather protection as they get older, but take less storage space when not being used. All you have to decide is which one suits your needs best.

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