Anniversary gifts are a means to show your love

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Anniversary gift idea is an idea which comes in mind when we want to present gift to a married couple.

Romantic Scrapbook:

This is one of the most romantic. The idea, as the name suggests, is to prepare a scrapbook for your wife/husband. A scrapbook is obviously made from paper, so you will be giving not only a romantic gift but also a traditional one! In the scrap book you have to Stick loads of photographs, decorate them nicely and then write nice romantic comments under each. It is not necessary that each comment has to be romantic, only make sure that it is heartfelt.

Personalized Digital Watch:

As the modern gift is clock, giving a watch is appropriate. In today's world everyone already has beautiful watches, but today's couples need something different. If we search a little bit in the market, we will find cute digital photograph watches. As the name suggests, we can store photos in this watch, which can be scrolled! So by giving this gift, we can constantly be with your beloved. If we won't like the idea of a watch, we can also gift him a digital wallet instead. A digital wallet will be a more personal gift.

A Day Together:

Plan a 1-day trip to a picturesque place, away from the city, where you two can spend some quality time with each other. Else, spend the day doing some activity together. Whatever, you choose to do, just make sure you can spend some good time together.

Romantic Evening:

What other way of celebrating a year of togetherness, than spending a romantic evening in each other's company. Dress in your best suit and head straightway to the most luxurious restaurant in the city. Going for a movie after a leisurely dinner puts a perfect end to a romantic evening.

Surprise Shopping Spree:

If your partner is a perfect shopaholic, then take her on a surprise shopping spree and let her shop to her heart's content. This is the best gift you can give to your girlfriend or wife since no woman can resist shopping.

Photo Frames:

Personalized photographs are a great way of capturing sweet moments that you spent with your loved one. This is a great photo gift that they will preserve for a lifetime. Add sweet tag lines and romantic love quotes here and there to make them even more adorable.


Traditionally, paper is associated with one year wedding anniversary gift ideas. There are number of ways in which you can make use of paper, for making creative first anniversary gifts.


Diamonds are an easy gift to find. Look in your spouse's jewelry box and find out what she likes for jewelry. Find out her ring size and the length of necklace she prefers. Ladies need to find out the size watch their man needs or consider getting him diamond cuff links or a tie clip. If you want to think outside the box, consider getting him tools made of diamonds or tickets to a baseball game--because it is played on a diamond.

Couple T-Shirt:

Buy a matching T-Shirt which the two of you can wear for the whole day on the day of your anniversary.

Unique suggestions for Anniversary gift Ideas:

On Occasion of wedding anniversary we can also give present frames as follows:

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