display stand

by:Mingyi Printing     2019-12-12
display stand

Your shop shelves present Clients with what can often be a blinding Combination of different products and Costs - it's down to you to organise this mess into a fluid layout that both leads the Client in and also highlights the lines you Want to push Maximum.

Point Of Sale and Free Standing Displays may liven up your floor space and focus attention on high-profit items, but making the best use of these graphical tools needs a thought and planning.
- Colours are a factor in making your display stand out from the rest of your products. Finding ways to make the design contrast with the rest of your shelves is important, and don't get carried away with complex artistic designs - your job is to guide the focus, not to impress. Size is not as big a factor as you might item, and stands can be whatever size best matches the product and screen area, with location being far more important.
In terms of positioning within your shop, it makes sense to position stands in the busiest areas, or places where you have captive audiences such as until queue areas. Be sure to tailor your stands to areas of the shop too, use common feel to decide that kind of shoppers are likely to be interested in that product. This can be especially useful with new niche merchandise that people will not be aware of - think over your target audience, decide what area of your shop those shoppers will mind 5 percent 2C and place your stands there.
You should give thought to where you set your stand in relation to the other products you market. Shoppers tend in the same direction that they read, from left to in this country. Putting your new product to the right of a based best-seller may result on people that have searched out this product after their natural gaze over to your sales stand.
Persuasion & Assurance
- After you have got shopper's focus, you need to convert that into a sale. Research has suggested that you only have around seconds for your product to make its effect will move on. Putting easily seen tags on the products with the most useful or relevant info can help convert sales - for example, noting safety certification or suitability for children could instantly assure somebody they are choosing the right product. Making everything as simple for you as possible potential customer is the best way to get to a quick sale. You can also choose to employ special that is offers or reduction stickers to keep attention on the stand and add leverage to the deal.
With contrasting colors that grab the eye, relevant merchandise with persuasive information and your own customer behavior analysis, you can build sales set to your shop that leads the customer to the merchandise you want them to buy and make the best use of your custom printed screen stands.
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