According to the traditions of the Catholic family

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Generally all the close relatives of the baby bring christening gifts so as to wish the baby his well being. Usually the gifts given by the family and friends are religion oriented. If you are in a dilemma about the kind of gifts that you should gift the little bundle of joy, then you can gift him little figurines made from porcelain or baby blankets, willow tree or baby clothes, knitwear or books, baby care products etc.

You can also give silver christening gifts as presents to the baby. Also you can offer any kind of investment plan for the baby that would be a rather thoughtful gift. The traditional christening gifts can include religious books, bible, rattles, picture frames, jewellery etc. You can also gift keepsakes with the keepsakes box where the child would be able to keep his belongings later in his life.

Silver christening gifts are a great idea as jewelleries can never go out of fashion. You can present jewelleries like pearl ear rings, silver chains, bracelets, pendant with the baby's name etched on it; all these are good gifts for the babies. In case of catholic christening, you can offer christening photo frames, pewter wall cross, wooden plaque, guardian angel figurines, baby bibs, baby quilts.

Again, Godparents are important people for the christening occasion. And choosing the christening gifts from godparent does not need to be a burden always. It can be rather easy and fun to get christening gifts from godparent.

When you receive the gifts from the Godparent, keep in mind the personality of your Godparent so that you can give him a great return gift. Some great christening gifts from godparent includes, religious items like the cross or candle, jewelleries like bracelets and neck pieces, personalised items that are handmade too, like scrapbooks, frames, embroidered bed covers etc. Coffee mugs, desk top items like the pens and paper weights, clocks, themed gifts, Christianity ornaments are also great christening gifts from godparent.

Whichever gifts you receive from your god parents, make sure to make them feel very special on the child's christening day. Make them a part of your celebration too. There are also several other gift ideas available on line. All you need to do is, search the internet a bit for some amazing yet unique gift ideas for your friend's baby on his christening occasion and also some great gifts from the God parent.

Just remember that a personalised gift will always be a very valuable possession for the entire life of the child.

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