A kid's product known as Pillow Pets are one of

by:Mingyi Printing     2021-01-20

What really causes these toys so special? At first look , it seems the same as any normal cute stuffed toy to moms and dads. But, the unique thing about Pillow Pets is that they can actually pop open into full sized pillows that kids can utilize to relax or take a nap on. This is why the toy is called a Pillow Pet.

This is achieved using Velcro straps. Whenever you undo the Velcro fastening, the Pillow Pet will instantly pop open and turn into a pillow. To turn it back to a soft stuffed animal again, you simply reattach the Velcro strap.

With this twin purpose and an advertisement having a memorable song, lots of kids have asked their moms and dads for one. I've heard of the many parents becoming irritated because their kids were singing the Pillow Pets song that goes, 'It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a Pillow Pet.' all the time.

A mom of two children in San Diego, California was the original inventor of the Pillow Pets. The reason was that she was tired of her kids leaving their stuffed animals throughout their bedrooms and house. So she decided she was making a stuffed animal that was also an useful item. Later on she came up with the concept that it would be a pillow.

As a result, she ended up creating a millionaire dollar business and Pillow Pets are being sold in merchants all over the country. The initial product line only had six various animals but it has now expanded to over 30 different Pillow Pets. In addition, complementary items including backpacks, blankets, slippers and also storybooks were released due to the initial success.

Pillow Pets comes in two different sizes. The large sized ones are eighteen inches long while the little ones are eleven inches. The large Pillow Pets usually sell for around $20 dollars but the rare Pillow Pets that are often sold out have selling for much more on websites such as eBay.

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