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8 Things to Consider When Designing a Jewelry Box


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Thinking of how to design a jewelry box or what to consider while creating a jewelry box are the query that every designer faces before making one. After all, it is the design that determines whether or not the customer will buy this jewelry box. For jewelry boxes wholesale, how you design these boxes is essential not only to you but also to your customers. Here eight major factor to put into account when creating a jewelry box.


Choosing the purpose of the jewelry box you want to make can be quite overwhelming. After all, it can be pretty hard to know precisely what customer wants in terms of jewelry boxes wholesale. 

A jewelry box can be used to hold almost everything from keys, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches and so on. It’s up to you to decide what your box will hold specifically. Whether you choose to design a box that will hold everything or just a few accessories is up to you.


Once you decide the purpose of your jewelry box, the next factor to consider is the practicality of the box. You ask yourself guiding questions such as what is its use. How to carry the jewelry conveniently and if it protects the jewelry as intended?

Various custom designs might be less costly and may use different packaging materials. Nevertheless, what matters when it comes to practicality is whether the customer is comfortable with the packaging shape and if the carrying is more convenient.


Although the style is more of a buyer's concerns, it's still important as a designer to consider which style attracts more customers. You want something that moves fast; so before designing your jewelry box, do a little research on which style is most preferred.

If you find people prefer the traditional style to the casual design, then you can produce that design for jewelry boxes wholesale. Consequently, you can create other styles although in little amounts as people do not always prefer the same style. There are those of us who are attracted by the formal style while others want the classic style.

4.Environmental Protection

You won't want to make something that harms your customer. When designing your box, you should consider using an environmentally friendly material and if possible, a renewable material. That way, you will not only have protected the environment, but you will also have promoted sustainable development. Additionally, use a material that is harmless to the human body and one that does not pollute the environment. 


Who doesn’t like appealing thing? If you design a decorative jewelry box, you are sure of one thing; that you have improved the customers desire to purchase your product. An artistic appeal of a custom jewelry box is portrayed in the shape, color or text. Some people consider artistry as style, and you might end up attracting more customers than you would imagine.


Connotation is the impression that is perceived by the customer. Once you design something, there is a perception that it invokes to almost everyone who sees it. To create a positive impression of the box to a customer, a jewelry boxes wholesaler should consider connotation that enhances a stronger customer understanding of the jewelry box.


You should consider designing a product that improves the carrying efficiency of the intended jewelry. A convenient custom jewelry box should facilitate customer use without any difficulties. 


Last but not least, we will look at the commerciality of your custom jewelry box. You aren't making jewelry boxes of fun or because you like them. Besides, how many could you possibly make for your use? 

Since you are designing these boxes for wholesale, why not make something more attractive to customers or buyers? It is advisable that as you develop your jewelry box designs, you make a design that gives the best results at low prices. That way, you will have increased the commerciality for your products as well as the cash flow in your business

Bottom Line

Designing custom jewelry boxes have never been easy. It’s a practice that requires hard work and dedication. Nonetheless, whether you are designing jewelry boxes for commercial wholesale or own use, these factors are excellent advisory to any designer.

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